KT (Standard) – Thermoset Injection Moulding Machine

Thermoset Injection Moulding Machine Features

  • Vertical mold clamping and injection, small footprint and high degree of precision. This Thermoset Injection Moulding Machine is ideal for injection of medium and small products with inclusions.
  • Dual-cylinder injection system offers high injecting pressure for fast operation, making this injection machine your best choice for production of thin items.
  • Direct-pressure mold clamp allows even injection force, and the relatively low pressure means maximum precision and an incredibly smooth cycle of operation.
  • Choose a platen or a rotary plate in accordance with the type of products to be injected, in order to achieve the best possible in feed and injection effects.
  • Thermoset Injection Moulding Machine offers a wide range of programmable functions including automatic inclusion, extraction and fully-automatic production.
  • There are also many other control systems that facilitate flexible production and keep costs low while maximizing precision.

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